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With great Porsches, comes great responsibility.

$39 million in cars, given the white glove treatment.

Consider for a moment the responsibility we accept when moving a client’s rare and ofttimes irreplaceable vintage Porsche. The entire process requires complete focus, years of experience, and precise choreography. For Labor Day weekend this year, we were challenged like never before.

Lime Rock Park’s Historics Festival is one of the finest annual vintage automobile gatherings in North America. Each year, a noted collector is chosen to be featured under the tent. For 2021, the nod went to renowned architect Steven Harris. Steven’s Porsche collection is truly extraordinary, rivaling the best in the world. We’ve been fortunate to have cared for many of his cars over the years and can attest to the quality, beauty and diversity of his curation.


For this year’s Historic Festival, 24 of Steven’s cars needed to moved between three locations over the course of four days. We were honored to receive the call to handle the transport, but also [...]

HK Motorcars and SpeedSport Tuning

Glickenhaus expands dealer and service network with HK Motorcars and SpeedSport Tuning

SpeedSport Tuning is pleased to announce we have been named as the exclusive service and support center for HK Motorcars. HK Motorcars is the Northeast factory dealership for SCG, aka Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus. Founder Jim Glickenhaus and company are building an exciting range of competition-proven performance vehicles for street, track and even off-road. Conveniently located adjacent to SCG’s Connecticut factory, SpeedSport will be handling delivery, service and full track support. SCG’s cars are proven in international competition, from the Nürburgring to Baja, where the outrageous Glickenhaus Boot has won its class in its first two years of competition.

We recently completed the first US track test and delivery for the exciting new SCG 004C race car, pictured above. The center seat, V8-powered carbon fiber 004 is available in a range [...]

2021 Winter Sebring Racing Recap

2021 track season kicks off with Florida podiums!

As usual, our track season kicked off at Sebring with four events beginning with PBOC at the end of January through International GT in late February. In addition to our own SpeedSport Tuning clients, we collaborated with Monticello Motor Club and provided support for their members as well. We’ve had a trusted partnership with MMC since their early days and we look forward to another fantastic season working with their members and staff.

The annual 48 Hours of Sebring PCA event started even earlier for us as we began the week with our good friends at David Murry Track Days. And of course there was rain…because…Sebring. Dave Kuchrawy, Andrew Marks and Gene Raymondi all raced under our awning and got tons of track time. In the PCA race weekend, Dave finished 5th in race one, 4th in [...]

Competition Oil ServiceYou know how important it is to regularly change the oil on your street car. Well, it's even more important and required more frequently on your track car. The higher temperatures and consistent high revolutions can break down your oil quicker, resulting in less protection as time goes on. Frequent oil services are one of the best things you can do to prolong the life and top performance of your track car.Contact us at 203 730-0311 for all your Porsche needs.
Competition transportation to and from the trackGetting to and from the track for a D.E., track day, or racing event doesn’t have to be a hassle. Leave the transportation to us. We’ll safely and securely load and transport your vehicle to the track, along with your spare wheels and tires, fuel, etc., so all you have to do is show up. With your helmet and HANS device of course.Contact us at 203 730-0311 for all your competition and track needs.
Porsche Competition Brake Repair, Service and ReplacementPorsche’s factory brakes are some of the best OE units available. But if you are spending a lot of time on the track, an upgrade might be in order. Street cars have brake components that are compromised for street use and will come up short under serious track time. Brakes are not just a vitally important safety component, they can also dramatically lower your lap times. Brake later and deeper into corners and you’ll gain a competitive advantage over your competitors. Most passing takes place in the braking zones, after all. Between new pads, rotors and higher temp fluid alone you’ll see big improvement, both in stopping power and in fade resistance. Add new lines and your gains will be even greater. We’ll look at not just your car, but also how you plan on using it and give you our recommendations on products that fit your exact needs and optimize your stopping power. Give us a call: 203-730-0311Contact us at 203 730-0311 for all your Porsche Competition and Trackside needs.
Porsche Competition Transmission Service and UpgradesTransmission technology has gotten supremely sophisticated in the last decade. Porsche’s dual-clutch PDK shifts far faster than the best driver with a manual. But with that performance comes complexity. Fortunately, our Speedsport Tuning Competition Department technicians know how to both optimize and maintain your manual or dual-clutch transmission for maximum track performance. In addition to regular maintenance, we offer a variety of services to help you achieve more engagement on the track and lower your lap times including differential changes, short shifters, sequential shifters, paddle shifter conversions and transmission coolers. Contact us at 203 730-0311 for all your Porsche Competition and Trackside needs.
Porsche Competition Tires and WheelsEveryone knows how important tires are in regards to performance in a street car. But when it comes to track driving, proper tire selection is even more critical. We’ll help you select the correct tires for your car, and mount them up on dedicated wheels. Having an extra set of wheels for your track days pays multiple benefits: it keeps your stock wheels clean and undamaged, you can go with lighter weight wheels which reduce unsprung weight, and you may want to go with a smaller diameter wheel with taller sidewalls which open up more options for track-focused tires. Contact us at 203 730-0311 for all your Porsche Competition and Trackside needs.
Porsche Competition Fabrication and Safety EquipmentAre you looking to create the perfect track machine? We’ve been building race-winning track cars for 30 years and we have the distinction of building the first Cayman track car in North America, way back in 2006. Looking for something even faster? Speedsport has been prepping and maintaining winning Porsche Cup cars since 2001. Speedsport Tuning’s Competition Department specializes in building safe and fast Porsche track and race cars that you can depend on for both optimum performance and uncompromised safety. Combined with our expert track support, we’ll have you bringing home trophies, along with great memories. Track cars are more than just performance. At Speedsport Tuning, safety is key in everything we do. We install top-rated racing seats, harnesses, and fire suppression systems to keep you safe in the event of an incident. We also supply helmets, HANS devices, cool shirts and drink systems to help you stay cool, comfortable and safe while on the track.Contact us at 203 730-0311 for all your Porsche Competition and Trackside needs.
Porsche Competition Data Collection Equipment and InstallationGetting the best out of your car and yourself requires data. You need to know what’s going on at every point on each lap to determine where improvements can be made. At Speedsport Tuning, our technicians can add a data acquisition system to your car to give you all the feedback you need. At track events, we can analyze the data with you after each session and use the information to make adjustments in the car’s set-up to fit your driving style, or show you where you are braking too early or not hard enough, or not using all of the car’s potential. All of this leads to improved performance and lower lap times.Contact us at 203 730-0311 for all your Porsche Competition and Trackside needs.
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