Transmission Repair for Porsche 911, Boxster, Cayman, Panamera, Macan and Cayenne

Today’s automatic, CVT, and Tiptronic transmissions are very intricate components that are designed to transfer the power created in the engine to the wheels via the driveline. In order to remain in proper operating condition, transmissions require routine maintenance. If ignored, your vehicle may experience transmission trouble, particularly if it has high mileage. At SST Auto in Danbury Connecticut, our team of certified technicians correct transmission problems using OEM quality parts to ensure your vehicle remains safe and reliable.

Common signs of transmission trouble that you should be aware of include grinding or whining noises while shifting, burning smells while driving, popping out of gear, delayed shifts or erratic shifting. You may also see warning lights on your dash. If you experience any of these issues or some other problem with your transmission give us a call to make an appointment for expert transmission repair in Connecticut today.

Manual Transmissions

The team at SST Auto has developed an outstanding reputation as the go-to shop in Connecticut for Porsche transmission maintenance and repair. While manual transmissions are much less complex than automatic, CVT or Tiptronic-style transmissions, they still require regular service to maintain trouble-free performance and long life.

In addition to the transmission internals, at SST Auto we can diagnose and repair any clutch issues you might be experiencing. Even if you are the world’s best 3-pedal driver, clutches do wear out and need to replaced at some point. Our expert staff have decades of experience repairing and replacing clutches and related parts. If you are experiencing slipping, a burnt smell, or any other clutch related problem on your Porsche, call us at (203) 730-0311 for a diagnosis.

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