Porsche Competition Brake Repair, Service and Replacement

Porsche’s factory brakes are some of the best OE units available. But if you are spending a lot of time on the track, an upgrade might be in order. Street cars have brake components that are compromised for street use and will come up short under serious track time. Brakes are not just a vitally important safety component, they can also dramatically lower your lap times. Brake later and deeper into corners and you’ll gain a competitive advantage over your competitors. Most passing takes place in the braking zones, after all.

Between new pads, rotors and higher temp fluid alone you’ll see big improvement, both in stopping power and in fade resistance. Add new lines and your gains will be even greater. We’ll look at not just your car, but also how you plan on using it and give you our recommendations on products that fit your exact needs and optimize your stopping power. Give us a call: 203-730-0311

Contact us at 203 730-0311 for all your Porsche Competition and Trackside needs.

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