Porsche 4 Cam Engine Service, Repair and Rebuilding

Porsche’s legendary 4-cam engine, designed in 1952 by Porsche engineer Dr. Ernst Fuhrmann, was a technological tour de force and powered such ground-breaking Porsche competition vehicles as the 550 Spyder and 718 RSK. The high-output engine also made its way into the 356 Carrera road cars. The 4-cams are powerful for their size, they sound glorious and are becoming more valuable by the day due to their complexity and scarcity.

At Speedsport Tuning, our Vintage Department is led by world renowned Porsche 4-cam engine builder Jeff Adams. Jeff is one of the most trusted and experienced 4-cam engine specialists in the industry. Owners of rare Porsches from around the world send their 4-cam equipped cars, or sometimes just the engines, to Speedsport Tuning. They know Jeff and his team will not just keep their engines running perfectly, but with Jeff’s global network of fabricators, craftsmen and suppliers, they can reproduce OEM quality replacement parts when originals are no longer available.

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