With great Porsches, comes great responsibility.

$39 million in cars, given the white glove treatment.

Consider for a moment the responsibility we accept when moving a client’s rare and ofttimes irreplaceable vintage Porsche. The entire process requires complete focus, years of experience, and precise choreography. For Labor Day weekend this year, we were challenged like never before.

Lime Rock Park’s Historics Festival is one of the finest annual vintage automobile gatherings in North America. Each year, a noted collector is chosen to be featured under the tent. For 2021, the nod went to renowned architect Steven Harris. Steven’s Porsche collection is truly extraordinary, rivaling the best in the world. We’ve been fortunate to have cared for many of his cars over the years and can attest to the quality, beauty and diversity of his curation.


A bevy of beauties awaiting loading at the Saratoga Automobile Museum. Photo: Stephen Struss.

964 Carrera RS. Photo: Shawn Pierce

Preparing to unload at Lime Rock Park’s West Bend. Photo: Shawn Pierce

Carlos directs the careful unloading of a pristine 997 GT3 RS. Photo: Shawn Pierce

For this year’s Historic Festival, 24 of Steven’s cars needed to moved between three locations over the course of four days. We were honored to receive the call to handle the transport, but also realized the logistical challenge involved. To make the move even more difficult, a group of Steven’s RS cars that were to be featured at Lime Rock, were currently in an exhibit at the Saratoga Automobile Museum.


Unloading a stunning GT3 RS. Photo: Lowell Paddock

The rare Steven Harris 996 GT3 RS. Photo: Lowell Paddock

Matt Rosati (top) and Jeff Adams give the Harris collection the white glove treatment. Photo: Lowell Paddock

Beginning on Friday, September 3rd at 5am, our Speedsport team, led by senior Vintage Tech Matt Rosati, managed to flawlessly load, unload and transport $39 million worth of Steven’s rare Porsches. The logistics required massive planning, tight scheduling and most importantly utmost care. The team worked tirelessly, pulling 18-hour days through Monday. And yet, with all of the loading, strapping down, unloading, reloading, etc., not one car received even the tiniest of scratches.

The Steven Harris RS Porsches safely displayed under the tent at Lime Rock Park. Photo: Roger Garbow

A 991 GT2 RS lurking in the back of the display. Photo: Roger Garbow

It was truly heroic work. Speedsport owner Bryan Lagas was onsite for most of the weekend and applauded his staff: “I am so proud of these guys. Both for what they accomplished under an incredibly tight timetable, and also for the professionalism and teamwork they exhibited throughout. It was an honor for us to be part of this weekend and looking at the cars displayed under the tent, it was hard not be a bit awed by what we pulled off.”

by Roger Garbow

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