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First Drive: Glickenhaus 004S!

An exclusive drive in the carbon fiber 004S supercar test mule.

The Glickenhaus 004S is not a name that stirs childhood fantasies. At least not yet. This three-seat, carbon-fiber exotic sports car is the street legal variant of the Glickenhaus 004C GT3 spec racecar; a vehicle proven in the grueling 24 Hours of Nürburgring. The 004S is the rare car that will elevate your heart rate before you even start the engine. And once you’ve experienced it, it will haunt your dreams.

With great Porsches, comes great responsibility.

$39 million in cars, given the white glove treatment.

Consider for a moment the responsibility we accept when moving a client’s rare and ofttimes irreplaceable vintage Porsche. The entire process requires complete focus, years of experience, and precise choreography. For Labor Day weekend this year, we were challenged like never before.

Lime Rock Park’s Historics Festival is one of the finest annual vintage automobile gatherings in North America. Each year, a noted collector is chosen to be featured under the tent. For 2021, the nod went to renowned architect Steven Harris. Steven’s Porsche collection is truly extraordinary, rivaling the best in the world. We’ve been fortunate to have cared for many of his cars over the years and can attest to the quality, beauty and diversity of his curation.


For this year’s Historic Festival, 24 of Steven’s cars needed to moved between three locations over the course of four days. We were honored to receive the call to handle the transport, but also [...]

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