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With great Porsches, comes great responsibility.

$39 million in cars, given the white glove treatment.

Consider for a moment the responsibility we accept when moving a client’s rare and ofttimes irreplaceable vintage Porsche. The entire process requires complete focus, years of experience, and precise choreography. For Labor Day weekend this year, we were challenged like never before.

Lime Rock Park’s Historics Festival is one of the finest annual vintage automobile gatherings in North America. Each year, a noted collector is chosen to be featured under the tent. For 2021, the nod went to renowned architect Steven Harris. Steven’s Porsche collection is truly extraordinary, rivaling the best in the world. We’ve been fortunate to have cared for many of his cars over the years and can attest to the quality, beauty and diversity of his curation.


For this year’s Historic Festival, 24 of Steven’s cars needed to moved between three locations over the course of four days. We were honored to receive the call to handle the transport, but also [...]

Vintage Porsche Exhaust SystemsPorsche exhaust systems have evolved quite a bit over the years, from their humble beginnings to today's ultra lightweight systems. For vintage models, we use O.E.M. parts whenever possible. But in those cars where exhaust parts are not available, we can fabricate a proper solution. Looking to give your car a bit more bark and performance? We can fit an aftermarket system designed specifically for your car that will give you the sound and the extra power you seek.Contact Us at 203 730-0311 for all your vintage Porsche needs.

Vintage Porsche StaffContact Us at 203 730-0311 for all your vintage Porsche needs.

Vintage 911 Engine Service, Repair and RebuildingThe 911 made Porsche the household name it is today. But to keep it running as good as when new, your air-cooled Porsche requires a dedicated service facility that specializes in Vintage Porsche repair. Our technicians have decades of Vintage Porsche service experience and the specialized tools and skills to make Speedsport Tuning the go-to facility for Porsche enthusiasts across the Northeast.Contact Us for All Your Vintage Porsche Service Needs
Porsche 4 Cam Engine Service, Repair and RebuildingPorsche’s legendary 4-cam engine, designed in 1952 by Porsche engineer Dr. Ernst Fuhrmann, was a technological tour de force and powered such ground-breaking Porsche competition vehicles as the 550 Spyder and 718 RSK. The high-output engine also made its way into the 356 Carrera road cars. The 4-cams are powerful for their size, they sound glorious and are becoming more valuable by the day due to their complexity and scarcity. At Speedsport Tuning, our Vintage Department is led by world renowned Porsche 4-cam engine builder Jeff Adams. Jeff is one of the most trusted and experienced 4-cam engine specialists in the industry. Owners of rare Porsches from around the world send their 4-cam equipped cars, or sometimes just the engines, to Speedsport Tuning. They know Jeff and his team will not just keep their engines running perfectly, but with Jeff’s global network of fabricators, craftsmen and suppliers, they can reproduce OEM quality replacement parts when originals are no longer available.Contact Us for All Your Vintage Porsche Service Needs
Porsche Pushrod Engine Service, Repair and RebuildingOlder Porsches continue to rise in value. And while the early volume-produced cars were fitted with simple pushrod engines, to properly maintain and preserve the value of your vintage Porsche, you still need a trusted service facility that knows these engines in and out. Speedsport Tuning’s Vintage Porsche department is staffed with expert technicians who know every inch of Porsche’s pushrod engines so they are able to quickly diagnose and repair any issues before they become major problems…thus maintaining your investment.Contact Us for All Your Vintage Porsche Service Needs
Vintage Porsche Roller Crank Engine Tune Up, Repair and RebuildingI am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.Contact Us for All Your Vintage Porsche Service Needs
Vintage Porsche Service and Repair in Danbury, CTPorsche 906 CarreraSpeedsport Tuning was built out of a love for air-cooled Porsches. Founder Spencer Cox cut his teeth on his dad's 1965 356 and would keep that car running perfectly for decades to come. Spencer passed away in late 2019, but he always made sure air-cooled Porsches were a priority in the shop and built a team of seasoned experts to care for them. Today, owners of rare and air-cooled Porsches from across the country rely on Speedsport Tuning’s unmatched expertise. Outfitted with unique tools for special applications, our seasoned vintage department techs work on cars that would make most enthusiasts drool. On a typical day you might find a concours-winning Carrera Speedster and an original 718 RSK parked next to a 356 Outlaw wearing a fresh patina of road grime from a multi-day road race. Not all of the vehicles we care for our one-of-a kind. But we treat every one with the same uncompromising attention to detail that discerning owners expect. We think of our vintage Porsche department as the perfect blend of [...]
Vintage Porsche Oil ChangesWhen it comes to vintage cars, you don’t want just anyone working on them. And if you are a vintage Porsche owner, you need to be even more selective about who touches your car. Even basic maintenance like oil changes. We use only OEM filters with oil and lubricants that exceed Porsche’s stringent requirements. Speedsport Tuning’s Vintage Porsche department has earned a national reputation for the expertise of our technicians and the trusted, reliable quality of our work. From rare 550 Spyders to 912s, we have the decades of experience, specialized tools and the diverse skills needed to keep your vintage Porsche performing at its best.Contact Us at 203 730-0311 for all your vintage Porsche needs.
Vintage Porsche Transmission Repair and RebuildingVintage Porsches continue to rise in value. When your Porsche needs transmission service or repair, you can count on the highly-respected technicians in our Vintage Department to give your car the expert attention-to-detail you expect. From OEM parts to period-correct tools, Speedsport Tuning’s Vintage Porsche department is ready to keep your Porsche operating in top form so you can keep driving. Because isn’t that why you bought your Porsche in the first place?Contact Us at 203 730-0311 for all your vintage Porsche needs.
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