Project Description

Photos from the initial installation of a rebuilt, rare 4-cam Porsche engine into a new aluminum 550 Spyder chassis for Spyder Creations.

Spyder Creations is building a very limited number of recreations of the iconic Porsche 550 Spyder. These all-aluminum, hand-crafted roadsters use original running gear and components to meticulously recreate one of the world’s rarest and most-coveted sportscars. Spyder Creations vehicles are so accurate, few people, even air-cooled Porsche enthusiasts, can tell them apart from the few, surviving, multimillion-dollar originals.

After the aluminum shells are shipped to Speedsport Tuning, our expert vintage technicians begin the painstaking process of building the car. Led by Jeff Adams, Speedsport Tuning installs everything: rebuilt vintage engine, transmission, suspension, brakes, wiring, fuel tank, exhaust and electrical. Essentially everything except upholstery and paint is the responsibility of Speedsport Tuning. We are honored to be part of this exciting project. For information, please contact Spencer Cox or (203) 730-0311

Projects Details

  • Installation of a 4-cam engine
  • Installed in a 550 Spyder
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